Acousticbuoy Scorpio Dual-Mono Preamplifier
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Chassis design

The last type of interference we try to bring down comes from the vibration of the system. The type of vibration could be generated by the transformer of the power supply. And when acoustic energy impinges on the electronic components, it will create a so-called ¡§micro-phony¡¨ phenomenon, and cause degradation to the audio performance.

Micro-phonic component emits a small electrical signal when it vibrates; and acts as a microphone converting kinetic energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy pollutes the audio signal in audio system and degrades the sound quality. As all electronic components are micro-phonic to some extent, analogue systems are not immune from this micro-phony problem even digital system. For instance, the sound from a vacuum tube in an analogue system may degrade slightly when vibrate, this could cause a foggy sound image.

To minimize the micro-phony effect particular in a tube amp, vibration-isolation accessories such as spikes or cones are often used to reduce vibration in an audio system. In the design of Scorpio, two methods are used to minimize the micro-phony effect.

• The first method is to house the system inside a sturdy chassis build with thick aluminum planks; 6mm for the side, top, and bottom panels, and 10mm for the front panel to cut down vibration generated by system itself.

• The second method is put special elastic mat between the chassis and the tube bracket, also between the chassis and the volume control bracket.


***The Tube Bracket was made from 10mm thick aluminum planks.