Acousticbuoy Scorpio Dual-Mono Preamplifier
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Volume Control Unit

To make sure the sound stage are rich, open, natural and has very low distortion, high quality volume control are necessary, the specifications of the Volume Control / Stepped Attenuator need to meet:

• Voltage capacity 200V
• Current capacity 100ma
• Isolation over 1000m ohms
• Perdurability 50000 times

***Volume Control / Stepped Attenuator and its bracket.

We do NOT use the IC/electronic volume control simply because they introduce a lot of UN-MEASURABLE distortion.

It is equal important to realize the significance to minimizing the signal loss will also keep original recording, the volume of Scorpio is install at the back side to keep signal link as short distance, and also use the Instrument grade of universal-joint to connect from volume control to knob.

It is equally important to realize the significance of minimizing the signal loss which will help to retain the original recording¡¦s sonic signature, the volume of Scorpio is installed at the back to keep signal path as short distance as possible, and also we employ instrument grade universal-joint to connect the volume control to the front control knob.




*** Instrument grade bearing